Finish Line

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Day 2

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It’s the end of Day 2 and this was a realy great day today. I walked with a co-worker from CA and we really moved today. We finished our 20 miles in about 7.5 hours. The walk was fun and there were lots of supporters out today.
At dinner tonight they did some recognitions and one in particular stood out. This recognition showed how committed people are to the 3 Day. There is a member of the crew that is on the road and everyone sees her multiple times each day as she rides the route watching for people in need of help. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer two months ago and had a double mastectomy two weeks ago and was still here looking out for us this weekend.

End of Day 1

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Well I made it into camp feeling pretty good today. My feet are a bit sore but other than that I am in pretty good shape. Time to shower and eat before relaxing for a cople hours before lights out at 9.  The two women in the picture are both people I work with at AT&T.


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The walk before lunch was a nice 11 mile walk through the north shore. The last couple miles before lunch were along Sheridan Rd and the houses were quite expensive. After lunch we have 10 miles to camp.


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