New Cruxshadows Music

The Crüxshadows have a brand new CD called “Ast he Dark Against My Halo” that was released in August.  I have been listening to it since I got it last week and one of the songs that really has caught my attention is Angelus Everlasting.  The link to the Video is below.  They have a pretty unique performance style and the tune has gotten into my head.

New Crüxshadows Music

I haven’t been listening to that much new music lately but I kind of stumbled on to this band that I am really liking what I hear of theirs.  I say stumbled on to them because I found out about them by reading of several references to their music in stories by one of my favorite authors John Ringo.  John writes a lot of Military Sci Fi and Military Thrillers and often refers to the music of the Crüxshadows. One song in particular is referenced more than others because it appeals to the Military characters in his stories who for the most part are your Paladin save everyone else at whatever cost to your self type.  The song is called Winterborn and I have linked to the Video below.  Crüxshadows has a brand new CD out that I recently bought from iTunes and I am really liking the music.  They are not really easy listening for the most part but have a mostly up tempo sound to them and their lyrics are great.  Give them a listen.