I’ll Never Get Use To It

I just got back from singing at a Funeral at Church and was thinking a bit. I have been singing at Funerals as part of a Choir or a Cantor for more than 25 years now. The Funerals for family members or friends are the hardest and that is understandable. I have some personal connection with that person and feel loss as everyone else at the Funeral does. Over the years though, there have been a number of Funerals that I have sung at where I did not have that personal connection. I did not really know the person so I don’t feel a sense of personal loss. I find that even at those Funerals, there are times when I have trouble singing because I feel sad. It’s not a personal loss that I am feeling but I feel for the pain that the family is feeling. The Funeral that I sang at tonight was not someone that I knew personally but right at the beginning of the Funeral I could feel the pain of the Family as the wife and young daughter of the deceased placed the Funeral Pall over the casket. I was glad that this was a well attended Funeral as it does help when you see that the Family has a lot of support. There is nothing that feels worse than going to a Funeral where there is hardly anyone there to share the pain with the Family. I am glad that our Parish has many members that reach out to help Families in times like this.


Yup. That’s Me

I was searching for a video on a song that I really like and came across this video blog from the artist that sing the song that I was looking for. The blog is at their vimeo site Healing Begins Journal Blog. I watched the blog and it struck a little too close to home. I think the author is right on when he says that it’s easy to own up to our shortcomings when we are in prayer because there really is no one to admonish us or call us on what we have done. It’s much harder to sit down and talk to a friend or pastor and admit that we are not perfect and actually provide real examples of things that we really aren’t proud of. It’s given me something to think about.

Goodbye to Geeks and God

I was a little bummed out today when I found out that my favorite Podcast was coming to an end. The guys over at Geeks and God had put out a weekly podcast all about Technology in Churches and Ministries and I looked forward to listening to it every week. I learned a lot about Drupal listening to those guys and following up by looking for answers in the forums on their website. I will miss listening to them but from the sound of their last podcast, they are on to a great opportunity that will allow them to use the gifts that God has given them in a new way. God Bless Guys.

A Night at Lifest

I took the afternoon off today so that we could go up to the opening night of Lifest.  Lifest is a Christian Music Festival that is celebrating it’s 10th year this year.  This is our 5th year going.  Last year we camped for all 5 days but this year we are only going one day due to other family activities.  Even going for one day is still worth it.  The lineup tonight was pretty good.  The music for the night started out with the Robbie Seay Band.  I had only heard of some of their music previously but they were good live.  As is with many of the artists here, some of the best times of their shows is when they break out from their music and get everyone singing some common Worship music with them.  I always love that part of being at lifest.  Especially later in the evening when the mainstage is packed and  you get 10,000+ people singing together. The second artist tonight was Natalie Grant and she was good also.  Once she started playing, I recognized quite a bit of her music.  After Natalie was done they took a short break and then they had a couple of people speak about the teenager that died at lifest last year.  Her Pastor and Youth Pastor talked about her and how it was hard to bring the youth group back again this year but that she would have wanted it that way.  We never know when/where things will happen so we have to live life to it’s fullest.  One of the things the Pastor said rang very true for me as well.  He said that he had done many funerals over the years, and that the funerals that were the hardest was the ones where there was not a lot of Jesus.  I understood immediately what he meant.  I sing at Funerals sometime and I do find that it is very hard when it is very apparent that the funeral is something that the Family is going through because they feel that it is something that has to be done.  A funeral is supposed to be a Celebration of a person’s life and a chance to say goodbye and acknowledge that they have won.  As a Christian, dying merely fulfills our final hope that we are taken home to be with our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We grieve because we are still here and we do not have that person in our life anymore, but we will be with them again when we finally go home as well. The final artist of the night was the Newsboys and we have seen them many times but never get tired of their energy and message.  I am a little bummed that we could not camp this year but everything happens for a reason so I can live with it.