SuperBowl Pool Fundraiser

For the last couple of weeks I ran a Super Bowl pool as a Fundraiser for my walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  I got the idea from another team that was running a pool and I decided to try it.  All in all I think it was a good fundraiser even though I didn’t sell all 100 of my squares.  There are those who would say that you can’t run a pool unless the grid is filled.  I was not sure I could fill the grid so I handled that in the rules that I published when I asked people to participate.  I was splitting the prize pool five ways.  1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, Final Score, and First Downs.  In the event that any of these prizes was not awarded because it was for a square that had not been purchased, the money was reallocated to make the remaining prizes larger.  Well I ended up only selling 40 of 100 squares so we had lots of extra space and the scores during the game were not hitting on the squares that had been purchased.  The entire prize pool ended up going to a single winner that had the numbers for first downs.  I think this works fine as long as the expectations are set.  The Feedback that I received was that people liked it and would like to do it again so maybe I will start a little earlier next year and give it another try.

New Fundraising Method

This year I decided that I can’t rely on just sending out e-mail to get donations like I have in the past. I need to branch out a little so I am putting together some 3 Day Business Cards with Donation information on them and I am going to post them on posters in public places that have spaces like Grocery stores and Libraries and maybe some other Businesses. I just ordered my Business Cards today and am going to work on my posters this week so that I can get them out in public as soon as the Business Cards arrive. Will post later to let you know how this is working.

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Fund Raising Started

Well the weather has not been the greatest so far so I have not been walking much but I did start my Fund Raising. It’s been a little slow so far but the donations that I have gotten have been great and I am off to a decent start. I plan to put some posters with donation information in local stores and see if I can get some more donations locally in addition to what I am working on through e-mail. I am also looking at holding a local fund raiser at BW3 if they accept my application.