Geeks and God is Back

I had mentioned a couple days ago that I was very surprised to find that the Geeks and God Podcast is back on the air. The format is a little different than the past but it is still a great podcast worth listening to. The original hosts are no longer doing the podcast but they have very capable replacements. The hosts are now a group of about 5 or 6 guys that have been long time moderators on the Geeks and God Forums. They bring differing expertise to the table and so far the two episodes that I have listened to have been pretty good. They are now doing the podcast monthly instead of weekly but the format seems to be working well. it’s not the weekly fix that I had been used to in the past but I am looking forward to the next podcast in May.

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Training for the 3-Day

Well the weather here in Wisconsin has been pretty hit and miss. We had some very awesome weather and things have kind of gotten cool again so I have not been walking as much. I did get a couple of good 10 Mile walks in the first two weekend of April but have been a little lax since then. I hope to get back to some longer walking this weekend but the weather may not cooperate and it may rain all weekend. We’ll have to see what the temp is like. If it’s not too cold I will do some training in the rain.


I don’t listen to that many Podcasts with any regularity. I used to listen to Geeks and God every week and really looked forward to it but they stopped producing weekly Podcasts last fall as they are working on a new project. I was really surprised to see that there were a couple new podcasts when I checked out the site the other day. The original guys had a special podcast to publicize efforts to get more people so sponsor children through Compassion. They also were announcing that the Geeks and God Podcasts would be back on a Monthly basis with new hosts. The new hosts have all been active members of the Geeks and God Forums and I am really looking forward to checking out their podcasts as I have some spare time this week. Will let you know what I think.


Goodbye to Geeks and God

I was a little bummed out today when I found out that my favorite Podcast was coming to an end. The guys over at Geeks and God had put out a weekly podcast all about Technology in Churches and Ministries and I looked forward to listening to it every week. I learned a lot about Drupal listening to those guys and following up by looking for answers in the forums on their website. I will miss listening to them but from the sound of their last podcast, they are on to a great opportunity that will allow them to use the gifts that God has given them in a new way. God Bless Guys.

Website Design – I still have a lot to learn

I have been working on my Church website for a number of years now and while it has gotten better with each itteration, I have come to realize that there really is so much that could be done yet.  When I took over our Church website from someone who moved out of state, it was developed entirely in Frontpage and I continued to use that for some time.  After I got tired of dealing with the bad code that Frontpage produced I moved the website to Dreamweaver and that made it a little better but I did not have the time to devote to the site that I had in the past.  The other issue with using Dreamweaver is that I was testing/developing at home and unless we purchased multiple copies of dreamweaver, I was the only person that could update the site and that did not lend itself to having a lot of fresh content. I spent the last year or so learning the basics of Drupal.  Drupal is a content managenment system which I have used to setup our church website so that once I put some basics in place, others can help update the website using only a browser if they have a login to the site.  We have started using this new site but as I teach others to use it I find there are many things I am not satisfied with on the site and I want to learn more about CSS, PHP, and MYSQL so I can really do the things that I want on the site.  I have found a great resource in a website called that is a great site that helps people interested in developing church and ministry related websites.  I am listening to the podcasts and really coming up with some good ideas. One of the first things I want to do to get to know this platform better is convert this wordpress blog of mine to Drupal 6 to get me more proficcient in the tools that I need.  Design is probably one of my biggest hurdles as I am more of a technical guy and not really the artsy creative type.  I may need to rely on the advice of others for help there.