New iPhone Case

I purchased a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4 and there are some things I really like about it and some things that I hate about it. I did the water test on it and it was waterproof so that is good. I am not really considering going swimming with it but I do like to have a nice durable case for when I am out walking. I am pretty confident that it would handle rain pretty easily. I also like the belt clip that comes with the case. It holds the phone in place securely and I am not worried about losing it.

One of the things that drives me nuts about it is the screen protector. I ran into the same thing with the Otterbox Defender on my older iPhone. It protects the screen but it makes the screen less responsive. I also didn’t really care for the implementation of the switch to silence the phone.

I am going to keep the new case for when I need protection for outdoors but will go back to my regular Otterbox Commuter case as my everyday case.

Mac Stuff

I have wanted to take a look at the iPad since it came out and finally got a chance to take a look at one today. It is an interesting device but I have decided that I will not be getting one. I can’t justify having multiple devices with 3G accounts so I will have to stick with my iPhone for now. I am hoping that they will announce new iPhones and tethering this summer and that will make it easier to use my Macbook Pro when I am away from home. There are a couple of places I go with regularity that do not have any WIFI access and that limits what I can do when I am there. I still use my Macbook at my Desk more than away but it is nice to have the ability to take it with me as I go other places.


iBlogger and Drupal

One of the concerns that I had when I was planning the conversion of my blog to drupal was the ability to post to my blog from my phone. I had found a utility that allowed me to to that under WordPress and I wanted that with Drupal also. I found iBlogger and so far it is working out better than I had expected. Maybe I will post more often now.

iPhone First Impressions

I am just winding down my first day with my new phone and I am glad I made the switch. The iPhone is a great companion for my Macbook. I can’t believe how much easier this phone is to use than my old windows mobile phone. The biggest reason for the switch was my desire to keep my personal and business life seperate.


Testing a new tool

I am writing this post from my iPhone using some software just for managing wordpress blogs from iPhone’s. So far it is pretty cool. I also updated the blog with a new mac inspired theme that I really like. With this new software maybe I will post more.