Testing the New Shoes

Well my new Keens came this week and I was very anxious to give them a try.  I got a short walk on Thursday and they felt good but needed to test them more.  This morning I set our early to beat the forecast bad weather and test the shoes.  I ended up doing 10.1 Miles and my feet still felt pretty good at the end of the walk.  I had originally set out to do about 7 miles but since the rain was holding off I decided to push it and try for a little more.  The last 3 miles ended up being a little soggy since there was a light drizzle for that time.  Still I felt good at the end of the walk and am glad I pushed it.  I won’t be able to get any long walks in next week since I am on call and I will be out of town for a wedding the week after so I wanted to get at least one 10 mile walk in early this year.  I hope to do 15 miles one of the days during the Memorial Day weekend.


Beautiful April Day

Well the weather today finally feels like spring so it was a great day to get out and walk.  I had initally set out a course of about 4 miles but extended it because the weather was great and my legs felt good.  I ended up doing about 5.4 miles today and still felt good afterwards.  When I started out it was about 48 and by the time I finished it was about 53 so I am glad I wore shorts today so I did not get to warm.  I will probably go for another walk tomorrow and then skip Monday since Tuesdays work better for walking in the afternoon/evening.  I need to get out today to get fitted for those Keens since they look like they will be more comfortable to walk in and I want plenty of time to break them in.