New Mac

I had been thinking off and on for some time that I did not need a personal laptop anymore and finally went ahead and sold my Macbook Pro. I do about 95% of my computing at my desk so it just didn’t make sense for me to look at MacBooks again when I was ready to upgrade. I wanted something I could attach my own monitor and keyboard to but a Mac Pro was out of my budget. I settled on a Mac Mini. I decided to get the Server Version so that I could get the Quad Core i7 processor with hard drives that I could stripe for faster disk access. I have only had this setup for a couple days now but I am impressed with how well setup drives two monitors and everything runs very smoothly.

Trying Out a New Video Adapter

One of the drawbacks to having a laptop as your primary computer is the lack expansion capabilities. Video is one of the things I have wanted to expand for some time and I had not found anything promising until now. I have my Macbook Pro connected to a 22″ Dell Monitor and I love the widescreen, but there are times that I wish I had a little more space to work with. I did a little searching today and found a device made by Diamond that allows you to connect additional monitors using USB on your Laptop. It has to be USB2 to work with this device but that shouldn’t be a problem on most modern laptops. When I get my adapter later this week I can plug in a 2nd 22″ Widescreen to my Macbook Pro and have more space when I am working on websites now. Will post more later when I receive the adapter and give it a try.

Mac Stuff

I have wanted to take a look at the iPad since it came out and finally got a chance to take a look at one today. It is an interesting device but I have decided that I will not be getting one. I can’t justify having multiple devices with 3G accounts so I will have to stick with my iPhone for now. I am hoping that they will announce new iPhones and tethering this summer and that will make it easier to use my Macbook Pro when I am away from home. There are a couple of places I go with regularity that do not have any WIFI access and that limits what I can do when I am there. I still use my Macbook at my Desk more than away but it is nice to have the ability to take it with me as I go other places.


New Web Development Tool – MAMP

For the last couple of years I have been doing all my Web development and testing using a Linux Virtual Machine that allowed me to setup a development image that was close to what my actual production environement was.  This worked pretty good but I probably wasted quite a bit of time building the system and installing all the write tools.  I found a new tool for my Mac called MAMP that is going to mean I won’t have to waste that time in the future.  This MAMP program installs the Apache, MySQL, and PHP environements on my Mac and the Pro version includes some tools to allow me plenty of control over virtual hosts, mysql databases, and the apache modules that are loaded.  I wish had found this months ago.  I have been testing this for a couple days now and it works great.  The sites load and work locally just as they do on their hosts and I no longer have to keep Fusion running with a Linux VM all the time. The Pro Version is $58 and well worth the money in my opinion.


iPhone First Impressions

I am just winding down my first day with my new phone and I am glad I made the switch. The iPhone is a great companion for my Macbook. I can’t believe how much easier this phone is to use than my old windows mobile phone. The biggest reason for the switch was my desire to keep my personal and business life seperate.