Disappointed in the Catholic Church Leadership

I saw an article in the news this morning that discussed how the Vatican had recalled it’s ambassador to Ireland recently after it had received criticism of it’s handling of sexual abuse claims in Ireland. This is very disappointing. I know that the majority of the Clergy of the Catholic Church are dedicated and faithful to their vows. This kind of behavior by the leadership of the Church does not help with the problems that have been plaguing the Church for years. They have to get over this perception of protecting the reputation of the Church and worry about protecting the people and helping victims. The victims of abuse have to be more important than any reputation.

Part of the article discusses a confidential letter written to the Irish Bishops from a representative of the Vatican. In that letter they discuss how they are concerned that the policy of mandatory reporting of abuse allegations to authorities may conflict with Canon Law. I am sorry but I have to disagree with the person that wrote that letter. When a member of the Clergy abuses someone they are committing a criminal act and they should be treated as such. The church can deal with them after they get out of jail if they ever do.

Parade Candy

I am getting to the point that I agree with some of the parades that do not allow groups to throw candy during the parade. I know that kids like to get candy at parades but it’s gotten to the point at some of the local parades that it’s ridiculous. Kids and their parents both run into the middle of the street for a piece of candy acting like they have never had any before. The kids walk out to the parade participants demanding candy. Some marching units can barely get through the parade route because the kids are so far into the street chasing candy. Don’t the parents teach their kids any manners?


Married Priests?

This article from the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Website talks about the Archdiocese of Milwaukee getting it’s first Married Priest. http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=776571 I read the article and find it disturbing.  Why is ok for someone who is a married Minister in another faith to decide to convert to Catholicism and they can be ordained as a priest but that anyone is Catholic already can only become a priest if they decide to pursue that avenue before getting married?  Even Deacons can only be married if they were married before they became a Deacon. Let me clarify my point here.  I don’t have a problem with this married priest coming to our diocese.  I think that the entire restriction from having married priests is wrong.  In the article they explain how this is allowed and in it they quote Pope Paul as saying that celibacy is not required by the nature of the priesthood.  It is a redical sign of commitment but it is not essential.  So if one Pope in the past has said that it is not a requirement then why is the Catholic Church so against allowing this when it would probably help our priest shortage around the world?


Courts are too soft on drunk drivers

This weekend here in the Milwaukee area we had another fatal car crash caused by a drunk driver.  A 38 year old woman who was 7 months pregnant and her 10 year old daughter were killed in the crash.  The person that hit them had recently lost his license to drive after being convicted of drunk driving for the 3rd time. Unfortunately this is not the first time we have heard about someone who should not be on the road hurting someone else.  It is time that the courts wake up and treat drunk driving like the serious offsense it is.  Too often they treat it like some kind of disease that the person has to get treatment for and there are no really serious penalties.  If this person would have been locked up like they should have been then these lives would not have been lost.  Drunk driving is a real problem and we have to start treating it as such.  If someone is convicted of drunk driving they should be going to jail and not just getting a slap on the wrist like taking their license away.  We know they are going to drive anyway and will probably drink anyway too.