Back to Fitness Routine

For the last several months I have not been getting nearly enough exercise.  I just didn’t have enough energy to do much.  I was diagnosed as anemic in January and have adjusted my stomach meds and am taking iron supplements to address that issue.  I finally feel like I can try to get back into some kind of routine to start working back to shape to walk in the 3-Day in October.  I am going back to tracking my steps with my fitbit and using myfitnesspal to track calories so that I can try to lose weight and get in better shape at the same time.  I started out today with half an hour on the treadmill and hope to work up to an hour within a week or two.

Back to Training

Between work and kids end of school year activities I have not had much time to do as much training as I want to get in.  I did take some time today to go out and stretch it a bit.  I probably should have worked up to it again but it was a nice day and I had time so I went out and did 13 miles today.  I am sure I will be feeling it tomorrow.  I got had intended to hit the road at 6:30 like I would if I was walking on event but I took a little longer to get organized and ended up leaving about 7:00.  The weather was perfect to start but got a little warm as I got close to the end of my walk.  70 is a very comfortable temp but 85 is getting a little warm.  I had a little cloud cover so the sun was not bad either.  I am going to try and get in a couple walks a week now until the 3-Day the weekend after Labor Day.

Another Decent Walk

Well I decided to start out my Easter Vacation with a training walk today. The weather was really nice for early April so I decided to add just a little to my last walk. I ended up walking 8.5 miles today. That’s not bad progress for this early in the year. Waiting for the weather to get better so that I can get some consistent walking in. Regardless of the weather, I will be ready in September. This is my 6th year walking and I know what i need to do to finish all 60 miles of the 3-Day.

Unreal Weather for March Walking

Well I was off work today and was running errands earlier but I had to take advantage of the weather to get in another training walk. I had to go over to my Dad’s house to take a look at his computer so I decided to walk over there. That gave me another 7.3 miles for this year. I just could not believe this weather though. I have never done a training walk in March and worried about getting too warm and keeping hydrated. It was actually over 80 today and might be again tomorrow. The weather has been unseasonably warm but I didn’t get much walking done last week because I was commuting to Chicago for a Class. On Sunday we went to Appleton for my niece’s birthday party so no walking then either. I hope to try and get in at least 10 miles a week for the next month and build from there.

First Training Walk for 2012

It was such an awesome March day I just had to get out and get in a training walk. We usually don’t have many 60 degree days in March. Usually I would start with a 3.5 or 5 mile walk for the year but the temp was great and it was sunny so I ended up doing a litle over 7 miles today. Was a little sore afterwards but that was to be expected with that kind of start. I have been spending some time on the treadmill but walking there is nothing like walking outside. I find walking outside to be very relaxing and look forward to many more miles before September.