Who I Walk For

The list below is a list of all the people that I walk for. It contains the names of family, friends, co-workers, and their family and friends. The only thing that all of these people have in common is that they have all fought some type of Cancer. Some have won that fight but many have not.


Vi McGuigan
Terry Wong
Suzie Albrecht-Mole
Mary Eileen McGuigan
Gerald Carignan
Renelle McGuigan
Michael McGuigan
Sherry Bell
Charles Runnels
Howard Kainz
Suzie Last-Kaucnik
Carol Bastian
Jane Bastian
Don Retzke
George Kaliope
Marti Cretens
Anne Davidson
Yvonne Rawley
Joanne Doxtater
Kim Barton
Gwen Swing
Selena Seymour
Sally Hooks
Barb Slowik
Janet Guggemos
Pat McIntyre
Connie Bauer
Patricia Clay
Denise Schattner-Hill
MaryAnne Nelson
Angela Martinez
Peggy Johnson
Linda Sandercott
Steve Gorczany
Judith White
Arthur Dalton
Kathleen McMillan
Lorie Ann Abel
Mary Birkenshaw
Terrie Elliot
Sue Robinson
Suzy Bova
Sharon Hess
Wanda Diven
Sue Stannard
Carol Heise
Toni Boll
Ginger Zess
Mary Vandehei
Michelle Gosh
Betty Powell
Mark Duarte
Cathy Fakler
Fabian Cyganiak
Eileen Greinke
Megan Kowalewski
Carol Westpfhal
Chase Lovelace
Bridget Spence
Nancy Jakubowski
Ruby Pennington
Shari Hocking
Jacqueline Nancy Leister
Donna Simanek
LaVerne Kazmierczak
Suzanne Hard
Rebecca Rebish
Patricia Quinn
Donna Benedetto
Lisa Covington
Tracy Milkie
Sara Erzen
Annette Stefaniak
Mary Schmeiser
Penny Kapitz
Constance Gill
Jeannie Avila
Julia Mattingly
Cheryl Wittier
Liz Wilke
Jenny Loyd
Debbie Perrigo
Janie Martinez
Laura Wall