Connecting Blog and Facebook

I spent a little time this weekend trying to figure out how to connect my Blog and Facebook. I have had my Blog longer but I spend more time on Facebook as that is where many friends and games are. I didn’t want to give up my Blog site though since there are still some people that I want to be able to see some things that I post that don’t have or want Facebook accounts.

I started out by thinking that maybe I could setup an RSS feed here to import my Facebook status and that would keep this site more up to date. That ended up not being an option since Facebook has made if very difficult to export your status outside of Facebook.

I did some research and found that Twitter would allow me to do some of what I wanted. I could post short updates on Twitter and those updates would be propagated to Facebook automatically. I installed the Twitter module for Drupal here and now those Twitter updates get posted to a block on my website as well. This also works well since I have this setup so that when I post a blog entry here, a link to that blog gets sent to both Twitter and Facebook. So far this looks like it will workout well.

One of the driving forces for me to get this in place now is that the San Diego 3 Day is only 39 Days away. I like being able to post pictures and short updates during the 3 Day so that those that donated to my walk can see how I am doing throughout the weekend.

I think this is going to work out just fine. Between Twitter for Status Messages and Flickr for Pictures, I am all set.