Giving Up Facebook and Twitter for Lent

Well saying that I am giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent is easier than actually doing it.  During the first two days there were multiple times where I would look at my iPhone or iPad or open a browser window on my Mac and would go to Facebook and then realize that I was not supposed to be there.  I immediately closed it again so that I was not actually looking at updates but I want to avoid even that for now.  I went back in on my browser one more time and logged out of Facebook so that even if I go to Facebook I am logged out and won’t see anything for now.  I also deleted the apps off of my idevices so that I am not tempted there.  It is giving me more time to focus on other things and my life and overall I think this will be a good experience.  I do enjoy interacting with people on Facebook but I also know that there are times when I spend too much time on Facebook.