Count Down to Philly

I am now 90 Days out from the Philadelphia 3-Day and decided to start using my Blog again to track some of my training and preparation for it.  My Fundraising is going well and I am less than $300 from my minimum now so I am not at all worried about meeting/exceeding that.  The last time I walked the 3-Day was four years ago so I kind of needed some new walking shoes for Philly.  I stopped by our local performance running store today and tried on a bunch of shoes until I found a pair that I think will work quite well.  They are really comfortable and should wear well.  I will start wearing them tomorrow to get them broken in for the 3-Day.  I think I may have sent out a wrong number in one of my early fundraising e-mails.  I think that I said that this year would be my eighth time walking the 3-Day.  This is actually my ninth time walking.  I figured that out when I went back and looked at the previous walks.  I am really looking forward to getting back to this after missing the last three years.  Did some training walking today at the gym.  It was a little too hot to do much training outside.  Walking when it is 90+ is miserable.  My first 3-Day in Chicago was like that and despite that I returned and have done more since.  Hoping that next weekend is better and I can get out and maybe do 10 miles on Saturday