Fitbit Update

Well I looked at my Blog before I started using it again and I noticed that my last post last year was anticipating getting my new Fitbit Charge 2.  I have been using the Charge 2 for over a year and it still holds a good battery charge.  The stock band did fall apart but I was able to find a replacement band that has been working and it cost me about $10 so that’s acceptable.  It took me a while to get used to wearing the watch type Fitbit since I had not worn a watch for some time.  Once I got used to wearing it though I hardly notice it there.  I really like to be able to check my heart rate and I look at my sleep times during the week to see how I am doing.  I notice the nights that I don’t get enough.  The face has a big scratch on it but I don’t really mind that.  My cat Dylan put that there and he is gone now but I have that to remind me that he liked to play.