Computer Challenge`

I have a habit of liking to re-install the Operating System on my computer on a semi-regular basis for one reason or another.  I have decided that with my new computer I am going implement my new hardware setup and see if I can install the OS and live with it for an entire year.  I don’t think I have done that for some time.  I recently sold my 2014 Macbook Pro and moved to a 2009 Mac Pro.  The Mac Pro is an older computer flashed with newer firmware to allow it to run the most recent OS and the hardware does everything I need so far.  Since it is the older tower I can have multiple hard drives and have a decent graphics card to run multiple monitors.  I hope that they come out with a newer Mac Pro that has the same capabilities next year.  I have wanted a Mac Pro for a long time and so far I am really liking it and don’t miss the Laptop at all.