Mac Pro Update

Well I didn’t make it to the year that I was going to try to make it to without reloading the OS on my Mac Pro. I like my Mac Pro but I think I made a bad choice when I listened to someone else recommend a video card for it. When I got my used Mac Pro it game with a GT120 Video Card that was stock on these models in the past. The only benefit that card has is that it is supported natively by the OS so you can see boot screens using it. The performance is not that great and definitely not powerful enough to drive three monitors. I got a GeForce 750TI that I had been running since October and that card worked well enough but it requires Nvidia drivers and that is an on again off again issue since Nvidia puts out drivers but Apple has to approve them and twice now I have had my system messed up by Apple updates since I didn’t have updated Nvidia drivers. I decided that I had enough of that and purchased a Radeon RX 560 and so far that is working great. The other benefit of the Radeon RX 560 is that is is one of the cards that Apple recommended for Mojave so I should be able to updated to Mojave without any other upgrades now. I am not planning to do that anytime soon though since there are still too many stories of things not working right and it’s just not mature enough.