I originally registered gwheatley.net as a way for me to have a vanity e-mail address that I would never have to change. I used a cheap webhost and just used the e-mail feature and never really thought much about a website. In 2007, I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-Day for the first time. During that weekend I met someone who had what I thought was a pretty cool WordPress Blog. She used that blog to post about things that interested her and I decided that I wanted to do the same thing.

Developing a blog would help me have a place for hosting updates for my 3 Day training and Walks. It would also help me develop some other skills as I had never looked into what would be required to host a blog. I started my initial blog using WordPress. WordPress is a great blog platform for beginners and even more advanced users. I converted my blog to Drupal a couple years late. Drupal is a complete Content Manangement System that I worked with for about 7 years. I used Drupal to maintain my Parish Website as well as a site for my daughter’s swim club. I really liked the Drupal community and I kept learning more about as I continued to work with it.

I have once again switched my blog from Drupal back to WordPress. WordPress is easier to maintain and use for a simple blog like this. I also don’t need to keep up with Drupal since I have stopped maintaining my Parish website and they have someone else developing a WordPress based site. Drupal was also going in a direction that I didn’t care for. It was getting harder for hobbyists to use it as the new version is more complex.

My posting to this blog is pretty inconsistent. I am trying to get in the habit of posting more and I think that will be easier now that I am back into 3 Day training mode. I tend to post training updates more than anything else. I guess that I want to let my donors knowing that I am training and preparing for the Walk that I am asking them for money for. It’s not just my 3 Day training that I am using this for though. Every now and then I will see things that I want to bring people’s attention to and I will use this to do that. I am not sure that anyone even reads this but I am going to try and make a habit of using it more regularly.