New Web Development Tool – MAMP

For the last couple of years I have been doing all my Web development and testing using a Linux Virtual Machine that allowed me to setup a development image that was close to what my actual production environement was.  This worked pretty good but I probably wasted quite a bit of time building the system and installing all the write tools.  I found a new tool for my Mac called MAMP that is going to mean I won’t have to waste that time in the future.  This MAMP program installs the Apache, MySQL, and PHP environements on my Mac and the Pro version includes some tools to allow me plenty of control over virtual hosts, mysql databases, and the apache modules that are loaded.  I wish had found this months ago.  I have been testing this for a couple days now and it works great.  The sites load and work locally just as they do on their hosts and I no longer have to keep Fusion running with a Linux VM all the time. The Pro Version is $58 and well worth the money in my opinion.