First 2010 Training Walk

Well I started training earlier this year than I did the last two years. It was so nice today I had to get out and get my first training walk in. We don’t get many 40 degree days in February so I had to take advantage of it. It was 39 and Sunny at 3:00 in the afternoon so I got out my walking shoes, fanny pack, and pedometer and hit the road. I ended up doing just under 5 miles and felt really good. It was nice to get out and try out my new walking shoes too. The Keens that I have worn the last two years are getting a litlte worn out so I got new shoes for this year. I got a pair of New Balance MW1200’s. These shoes are very light and breathe well so that may help me avoid getting blisters this year. The biggest issue I had with these new shoes is they breath well and that is a bit chilly this time of year.