Saturday Night with the Family

This was a pretty good Saturday night.  Our family went to a Worldvision exhibit followed by a concert and they were both excellent.  The exhibit is a travelling exhibit called “World Vision Experience – Aids.”  The exhibition is travelling around the country to raise awareness of the orphans created by the Aids pandemic in Africa.  If you have a chance to experience this I would recommend it.  It is a unique point of view that really gets you thinking.

After seeing the Worldvision exhibit, we then enjoyed a concert by Sara Groves.  Sara has a beatiful voice and the stories that she shares about her music and faith made the concert very enjoyable.  One of the things I enjoy about Christian artists is the role model the provide for kids.  Sara came out after the concert and signed the girls posters and talked to them for a couple minutes.  She is a very down to earth genuine person.