Why I Walk

Back in 2007 I was working at my computer late at night and I saw a commercial on TV for the Breast Cancer 3 Day. The commercial looked interesting so I went to the 3 Day website and got some more information about the 3 Day. I thought that this was something that my Mom would really like since she is a two time Survivor. She has bad knees though so I knew that there was very little chance that she would be able to finish the walk so I decided to walk for her. 2007 was the year of my first 3 Day. I can’t say when the last one will be because we don’t know when they willl finally find a cure for Breast Cancer and take away our reason for walking.

I started walking for my Mom but I continue walking for my wife, daughters, sisters, nieces, and all of the other women in my life. I walk because I hope that one day we will find a cure and others will not have to fight the disease as my Mom has had to. I also walk because I am grateful that my Mom is still with me and has survived. During the 3 Days I have heard stories of far too many people that did not win the fight and we have to remember them. A young woman that grew up down the street for me is one of those people. She found out she had Breast Cancer just a few months after she gave birth to her first child and she lost her fight before her daughter turned one. I saw the pain that her family experienced and I want to help make sure that no one has to go through that again.

Once I decided to walk in the 3 Day I started taking advantage of some of the Training Walks that were being held in my area. Shortly before the walk in August, I went on a training walk and met a guy name Larry that was also walking for the first time and he had just joined a team that he had heard about on the 3 Day Message Boards. I decided to join the team too since that way I would know at least one person when I showed up in Chicago. This turned out to be a great decission. Once I joined the team I was added to their group maillist and there was a lot of good information being shared about things like what/how to pack for the weekend as well as what to expect during the Walk.

Crewzn60 turned out to be a fairly large team, the largest in the Chicago 3 Day for several years, but the team was very welcoming and inclusive for any new walker that wanted to join. The team gathered for dinner on the night before the Walk and that gave everyone a chance to meet new walkers as well as visit with teammates that they have not seen since the previous year. The team also gathered together at Opening and Closing Ceremomies. Between those two times it was hard to keep such a big team together but with such a large team it’s easy to run into groups of walkers from your team throught the weekend. The people on my team are a large part of why I continue to walk in the 3 Day each year.

In 2009 I was unable to walk in Chicago because of a conflict with a family reunion. I decided that instead of skipping a year I would walk in another city. I decided to walk in San Diego and talked with my teammates in Chicago and several showed interest in walking in San Diego also. I was going to walk in San Diego either way but having some of my teammates from Chicago with me in San Diego made it seem that much better. The San Diego 3 Day was a great experience and our smaller team returned the next year again. We actually enjoyed walking in a different city so much that we continued to walk different cities and never did walk Chicago again before they stopped holding the walk there. Too date I gave walked in Chicago, San Diego, Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Francisco, and Tampa.